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Mark & Judy R.
1st of all my wife & I would like to say that we are more than happy with our Fireside bed, it is beyond our expectations and so easy to set up and very well built. The look is excatly what we are looking for. 2nd I have been in the freigt business for 20 years and the way your company packaged & shipped this bed was 1st class and we are very impressed and,we want to thank you very much. P.S This is our 20 yr wedding anniversary gift to each other.Thanks again Mark & Judy Jacksonville, Fl

Jennifer S. San Diego, CA
Debbie, I just wanted to thank you again for all your help with getting the log daybed delivered on time last week. My parents were surprised and they just love it!! Everything worked perfectly and it is all because of your help. Thank you so much!!!! Jennifer

Joanne P. Chicago, IL
Thanks again. You are a great company to work with! Joanne

John E, Mississippi
Debby, I just got back from my cabin and everything worked out as planned. The bunk beds were delivered right in time for me to have them put together and made up before our arrival. They look fantastic! It was a real pleasure working with you and I really appreciate your diligence in making sure that everything worked out according to plan! Unfortunately, in our world today, some people we deal with are not near as reliable and professional as the should be. I will recommend your business every chance I get. Please keep my info as I plan on purchasing more furniture from you to furnish our cabin as soon as cash flow allows!!! Best regards, John"

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July 27, 2011 on 12:12 am

1 with the ideal ways to decorate the outdoors of your house or backyard is patio fixtures. You possibly can have the advantages of your living or dining room within the good outside. Whether or not you might have a backyard, patio, or deck, the addition of exterior fixtures will permit you the flexibility to entertain inside or out. Rather than pulling out movable chairs or tables, you can maintain it outside all year long.

Regardless of whether it is really a patio desk, an outdoor fireplace, or just a chair, an additional piece added for your external ensemble will add flexibility and worth for your home. Any outdoors addition will make your garden way more appealing and cozy. With just a little forethought, your lawn can like a new addition to your home. You will be proud to entertain family or friends within your new creation.

You need to think about local weather or climate when your pick out your new exterior furniture. In case you dwell at a latitude that has a lot of snow or rain, you may desire to look for pieces that have weather resistant stain, paint, or material on them. This will let you clean the chair or desk simpler and reduce the risk of rot.

The same thought need to be employed when deciding on an umbrella or table. When you dwell in Chicago or Wyoming or an additional area that has a great deal of wind, you might ought to be real choosy of what you buy. A strong wind gust can turn over a desk or up root an umbrella. Even the weight of a snow drift can collapse your table or a poor rain storm could warp your boards or begin the procedure of rot.

In the event you decide fabric fixtures you must make positive that it is mildew resistant. A local weather with a great deal of rain can cause mildew to ruin your new furniture. Mildew looks terrible and it smells. This could destroy the appearance and could cause a loss of value.

You also ought to remember that when picking your furnishings, you need to think about your exterior landscaping and exterior paint. Make certain that the piece you might be purchasing comes in a complimentary color and style and does not clash. A dangerous outside appearance can detract from the beauty of one’s lawn. You want to add your own personal flair, but not enough to draw attention from your house.

Try shopping for your garden household furniture on the net. There are ordinarily far more options than if your buy in a brick and mortar shop. Most internet corporations will give you a deal on certain household furniture combinations. You may perhaps even get free shipping for those who discover the appropriate deal. There could be other incentives that you may would like to ask about as you make your invest in.

Buying and using patio home furniture may be fun and exciting. Bear in mind that within the planning stage before pay for you need to pick out some thing that matches your local weather and landscape. Sometimes decorating your patio is additional fun than decorating a room in your house.

If you are interested in purchasing patio furniture sets, then visit Gabriel Meriwether’s web site and select from some of the most effective outdoor chairs for the needs.

Doc Number: 19363027501

July 25, 2011 on 11:30 pm

Barbecues can cost anything from tens to hundreds of pounds.  If you leave your barbecue outside when not in use you should really think about purchasing a barbecue cover to protect it from the elements and other contaminants such as bird droppings and dust.  A barbecue can rust quite quickly if left outside, but a barbecue cover fits tightly ensuring that no rain can get inside.  Simply pop your barbecue cover over your barbecue when not in use and get instant peace of mind that your barbecue will look as good as new and work perfectly the next time you want to use it.  A barbecue cover is a very cheap way of looking after your barbecue and you are sure to find a cover to fit your barbecue online regardless of its shape or size. No matter what type or size of the barbecue you  have  you are sure to find the right barbecue cover to fit .

There are many different types of barbecue and most manufacturers will also make and supply barbecue covers to fit so you are sure to find the right cover to suit your particular make and model.  Many barbecues are of a standard size anyway so you should have a good choice of covers to choose from especially if you take a look at the options online.  A good barbecue cover should fit your barbecue well and have the straps adjusted for an extra tight fit.  When fitted correctly your barbecue cover will prevent any water or other contaminants such as dust from entering and causing damage to your barbecue.

It is essential that you fully cover your barbecue and adjust the straps to ensure a watertight and windproof fit.  You could also position your barbecue in a shaded or sheltered position in your garden for additional protection although the cover will provide excellent protection no matter where you place your barbecue.  Some barbecues can cost hundreds of pounds and it is therefore essential to protect your investment with a good quality well fitting cover.  Shopping online for barbecue covers has never been easier and you are sure to find the perfect cover to suit your needs and the dimensions of your barbecue.

Most manufacturers make or supply covers to fit their barbecues or there are other companies who make covers to fit most sizes and shapes of barbecue.  Ensuring your get a cover to fit your barbecue perfectly is essential to its effectiveness although most do have adjustable straps to ensure a tight fit so don’t worry if you cannot find the exact same shape.  A well made waterproof and windproof barbecue cover will ensure that your barbecue is completely protect from the elements during the colder months and is a sound investment especially if you shop around for the best deals online.
f you are looking for other garden furniture covers to protect your other furniture and garden features, we stock a wide range including parasol covers and chiminea covers as well as barbeque covers.

July 25, 2011 on 8:58 am

Loft beds have always been associated with dorm rooms and tiny apartments where college students reside. But loft beds are not only for students in dorms, you can et one to maximize the space inside your home. With a loft bed in place, you can create a study area or a small home office no matter how small your apartment is. It’s not difficult to think of ways to use the space under the bed. A full size loft bed is also great to have around if you need to furnish a small cabin.

Most urban professionals who are just starting their life in the city purchase loft beds. It’s the best furniture for a small apartment, or for your room if you need to share it with a house mate.

There are different types of loft beds available in the market nowadays. You can choose from categories like wooden loft beds, metal framed, pine, oak and twin on full..

If you’re looking for models, you can choose between twin size and full size loft bed. Full size loft beds are wider than twin size beds by roughly 15 inches, but if you tend to move around a lot in your sleep, those extra inches will mean a lot. Personally, I would go for the full size loft bed right off the bat because I need the extra inches for more pillow space. In case you don’t know, full size beds are also known as double beds.

The frames used for creating loft beds could either be wooden or steel. There’s no ideal frame so your choice depends on how much you’re willing to pay for a loft bed and your aesthetic taste. Wooden frames also have different categories. Pine is softer than oak or cherry, which makes it an ideal material for your bed if you’re building your own frame.

You can also order a custom made loft bed if the person sleeping in it is too bulky for the commonly sold ones. For instance, if your child is bulkier than average, you can modify the length of the bed or add additional support to the frame.

Lastly, find out if the loft bed you have your eye on has features like built-in shelves and desk. Of course, additional features will jack up the price of the loft bed. Ask around for assembly fees, and whether you can call someone from the shop to help you set up your loft bed or not.

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