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Mark & Judy R.
1st of all my wife & I would like to say that we are more than happy with our Fireside bed, it is beyond our expectations and so easy to set up and very well built. The look is excatly what we are looking for. 2nd I have been in the freigt business for 20 years and the way your company packaged & shipped this bed was 1st class and we are very impressed and,we want to thank you very much. P.S This is our 20 yr wedding anniversary gift to each other.Thanks again Mark & Judy Jacksonville, Fl

Jennifer S. San Diego, CA
Debbie, I just wanted to thank you again for all your help with getting the log daybed delivered on time last week. My parents were surprised and they just love it!! Everything worked perfectly and it is all because of your help. Thank you so much!!!! Jennifer

Joanne P. Chicago, IL
Thanks again. You are a great company to work with! Joanne

John E, Mississippi
Debby, I just got back from my cabin and everything worked out as planned. The bunk beds were delivered right in time for me to have them put together and made up before our arrival. They look fantastic! It was a real pleasure working with you and I really appreciate your diligence in making sure that everything worked out according to plan! Unfortunately, in our world today, some people we deal with are not near as reliable and professional as the should be. I will recommend your business every chance I get. Please keep my info as I plan on purchasing more furniture from you to furnish our cabin as soon as cash flow allows!!! Best regards, John"

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March 24, 2011 on 2:03 pm

The world of contemporary barstools has been gradually filled with a new breed of products.  These new modern barstools are cool, unique and, most importantly, versatile.  With utility and flexibility at the forefront of design, stools now have gas lifts, adjustable arms and footrests to go with their swivel seats.  Unquestionably these new features are designed to add value, but be sure to consider some potential pitfalls… 

To begin, consider the feature with the deepest market penetration: the gas lift.  The cheapest, simplest gas lifts now allow easy articulation of a contemporary barstool seat from 24 inches up to 30 inches.  Obviously, the value here is plain to see.  Any barstool with such a wide range in seating height can be used anywhere in the house.  Something that is easy to overlook when admiring the versatility of the gas lift is the physics and design involved.  Nearly all gas lift bar stools place the single lift mechanism in the stool’s center, creating a natural tipping hazard.  To offset this flaw most manufacturers then weigh the base down in an effort to create a weeble-wobble effect.  The end result is that the stool is two to five times heavier than its fixed-height brethren.   So, while you have the option of moving the stool to any bar table in the house, you might not want to!

Another significant change to modern barstools is the influx of adjustable foot and armrests.  From an ergonomic perspective these added features allow the user to really make the stool “fit” them.  The true upside here is that most people buy stools for one place in their home, and avoid tinkering with settings once they’re perfect.  However, it is important to take caution with these features as well.  Footrests are often heavily used.  Adding variability to them only increases the chance for damage or failure.  

The old adage holds true: you get what you pay for.  The more moving parts on your modern barstool, the more likely it is that something will fail.  No doubt adjustable footrests and gas lifts are useful, but be prepared to pay for quality.  Purchasing a cheap barstool with an adjustable height gas lift, adjustable footrest or adjustable backrest means you are three times more likely to have some crucial component of the stool break down.  So anty up to pay for quality added features.  A properly designed and manufactured barstool with a gas lift can last a lifetime, but it should set you back at least $250 per stool.  Design and utility come at a price.

March 4, 2011 on 1:38 pm

The phrase “easy” is relative.  What is simple for one person might be hard for someone else and vice versa.  Most bunk bed assembly demands only extremely easy family instruments to have the ability to put your new bed together, such as a screwdriver or perhaps a wrench.  If there are any tools needed which are not considered “household,” they’ll be provided with your bunk bed buy.

If you do not know what a screwdriver or perhaps a wrench is, or what they even look like, you might want to think about obtaining some assist.  Even though these beds can be put together with one individual it is advised that you’ve a second individual.  That extra set of fingers will make assembly a lot simpler.

The first factor you want to complete when your new bed arrives is to lay everything out onto the floor and read the assembly directions cautiously and completely, at least once through even before you begin.  Make sure that everything within the documentation is incorporated like rails, headboard, etc…. and all the hardware.  What I imply by all of the hardware is bolts, washers, and screws.  The last thing that you want, and I’ve had this happen to me prior to, would be to get nearly done and discover out that you’re lacking two bolts.  And at 7pm on the Sunday night, there are no hardware stores open where I reside.  So the very best guidance before you start putting together your new bunk bed is to make sure that all the parts have arrived and that nothing is damaged.  As soon as you have verified the contents are complete, start with step 1.

Because bunk beds are really two beds one stacked upon each other, I can’t stress the significance of putting the beds collectively correctly.  Please get the time to read the instructions prior to you begin.  I understand the temptation to take a look at the pictures and start putting together the frame is higher (and I’m guilty of this myself with particular projects), but bedroom furnishings, particularly heavy bed room furnishings, requirements patience.  So for the security of everyone, please read the directions.

So, how simple are bunk beds to put together?  For the average individual with typical family skills the installation is fairly simple.  The first factor you’ll most likely assemble is the real bed frame towards the footboard and the headboard of both beds.  Occasionally you’ll actually assemble two beds after which lift 1 on leading with the other.  For this type of assembly it’s crucial that you have a 2nd person, as lifting 1 bed on top of an additional is some thing most individuals can’t do by on their own.  There are lots of bunk beds which are assembled as a entire unit rather than two separate beds.  A few of the loft styles and particular theme bunk bed styles are place collectively as one unit.

If you have any reservations about getting bunk beds delivered for your door and being overwhelmed at the believed of how they’ll be assembled…don’t!  Assist is usually a telephone call away, every respected seller has telephone operators that will assist with instructions and assembly.  Don’t wish to even try this yourself, or just don’t have the time?  Local handy males in the telephone guide can carry out this task with ease.

So, get available, choose your fashion, get the beds delivered, put them collectively, you can even produce a nice household event from this, and also have fun.

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