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Mark & Judy R.
1st of all my wife & I would like to say that we are more than happy with our Fireside bed, it is beyond our expectations and so easy to set up and very well built. The look is excatly what we are looking for. 2nd I have been in the freigt business for 20 years and the way your company packaged & shipped this bed was 1st class and we are very impressed and,we want to thank you very much. P.S This is our 20 yr wedding anniversary gift to each other.Thanks again Mark & Judy Jacksonville, Fl

Jennifer S. San Diego, CA
Debbie, I just wanted to thank you again for all your help with getting the log daybed delivered on time last week. My parents were surprised and they just love it!! Everything worked perfectly and it is all because of your help. Thank you so much!!!! Jennifer

Joanne P. Chicago, IL
Thanks again. You are a great company to work with! Joanne

John E, Mississippi
Debby, I just got back from my cabin and everything worked out as planned. The bunk beds were delivered right in time for me to have them put together and made up before our arrival. They look fantastic! It was a real pleasure working with you and I really appreciate your diligence in making sure that everything worked out according to plan! Unfortunately, in our world today, some people we deal with are not near as reliable and professional as the should be. I will recommend your business every chance I get. Please keep my info as I plan on purchasing more furniture from you to furnish our cabin as soon as cash flow allows!!! Best regards, John"

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why us

January 31, 2011 on 10:42 am

Reclaimed lumber has a strong following today, the reason for this is mainly because many individuals such as tradesman are selecting to construct their houses with this timber as well as renovating.

A significant number of companies are very conscious of our planet and also the effect that their company has on it. So these organizations are recognizing their responsibility and are attempting to make an effect on the environment by reducing what they use as well as via recycling.

Despite the odd nail hole, reclaimed lumber is often of superior quality and far more resilient than much of today’s quick grown timbers. It’s an extremely environmentally friendly option for floors and joinery, and blends in magnificently with existing timber in older houses.

Reclaimed timber and its advantages:

January 19, 2011 on 4:59 pm

So you’re about to redesign or create a dining space.  You’ve been on the look out for dining room furniture; in fact you already have in mind the look of the furniture pieces that you want.  All you need is a table and chairs right?  That sounds easy enough doesn’t it?  Yes, buying dining room furniture can be very easy, if you’ve done your homework.  It’s imperative to distinguish that your dining room furniture pieces will set the mood for your entire dining space.  So before you make this big decision on a whim, there are some important things to consider.Make sure you know all the details that go into a great dining room so that your dining area can be as beautiful and functional as you want it to be.

First things first, make sure you are aware of just how much space you’re working with, not ballpark figures, but real unit wall measurements.  Don’t try to eyeball how much space you need for your dining room table because you could easily gauge incorrectly.  To guarantee that you chairs and table are going to fit nicely into your space when they arrive, take a quick minute and measure the length of your dining area.  Also, take into account nearby doors or pathways running through the space so you can plan your furniture around them.  Consider the shape of your dining area.  If you’re going to place your table in the bay semi-circle nook, selecting a round dining table, rather than a square one, will most likely help you utilize the entire space.

Next, look at the room’s interior decoration. If you’re just moving into a new place and you’ve got a blank canvas, then this will be an easy set for you.  The sky’s the limit on the dining room furniture you want to have.  But if you’re redesigning your existing dining space or incorporating a dining space into your already decorated home, there are some details to look at.  Unless you want to do a complete room makeover, pay attention to the theme that’s already going on.  If you have very traditional crystal chandelier, you’ll want to select the desired dining room furniture that compliments that.  If your dining room is just off your kitchen, choose a wooden table that will look nicely paired with your kitchen cabinets.  If your dining area is just off the family room and you’ve got a TV and a couch, you might chooseselect dining pieces that are more casual and not as fancy.

Some people prefer buying their furniture in a matching set.  That’s one way to ensure great design.  But you may also want to mix and match different dining room sets.  If you find a table that you love, but the chairs are not your style, then get the table and find a different set of chairs to pair it with.  A great way to bring character into your dining room is by bringing in a distinctive hutch or china cabinet where you can keep your nice dishes.

Make sure to pay attention to how many people will be dining in your dining room. You’ll want to have enough seating for each of your family members.  Because a dining area is mainly used for company and other events, make sure you have enough matching chairs for guests.

Finally don’t forget to factor in price before buying your dining room furniture. In Ireland they’re several furniture stores that display highy quality dining room furniture at a reasonable price.

January 17, 2011 on 6:08 pm

There are some home furnishings which are so classic that you really expect them in every single house all over the world. There are a few of them that, if you didn’t see them in even the most simple of homes, you’d be a bit shocked as well as dismayed. This furniture is the basic of the basic. Everybody needs a bed, chair, table, and one other thing that you may not necessarily think of to start with: a pine chest of drawers. These drawers really are a necessity if you wish to keep your room clean and tidy as well as have your clothes organized. You’ll discover one of them in nearly every house throughout the country and most usually in many other houses in first world countries.

Why does it have to be a pine chest of drawers ? Well, this unique style of chest just simply happens to be by far the most solid. It has outstanding sturdiness, as it is made out of wood. Well constructed real wood home furniture can last for a long time. The only thing that truly poses a threat to it is termites and fire. So, if you are very careful with anything that might be a possible fire hazard in your room and you do not track termites into your bedroom, you’ll be ok. Nonetheless, even in most of these circumstances, when you have insurance, your things should be replaced. So, when you have insurance, there really should be no reason for your chest to ever completely be destroyed, as you can usually get a replacement with your reimbursement.

Pine is a attractive type of wood. It smells the best of all the woods and has a really nice color to it naturally. Little ones love playing under pine trees. Youngsters love playing with pine cones. There’s also cleaning solutions for the kitchen that try to simulate the actual smell of pine. A pine chest of drawers is one of the most attractive of all of the different types of drawers and chests you’ll find crafted from wood.

One of these chests will fit in almost every home design layout you could envision. It’s a very neutral item. It won’t be the focal point of the room, although it will normally fit in. And so, if you’re worried that you may be unable to find a place to use it without drawing attention to it, you will never have to fret, mainly because any attention drawn to your pine chest of drawers will be positive, because it is a classic furniture piece.

January 16, 2011 on 12:31 pm

Nothing unites the world like shopping for the most loved items and the thrill of getting a deal good enough to save some money!  It was never this easy to make a better purchase like buying master bedroom sets and this is possible with all the money you have been saving!  

It is possible that some of you reading this still think it is a mammoth task to look for savings just continue reading!  It is not difficult to begin saving money and certainly takes much less energy than you would spend on things like rustic furniture every day.  

It would only do you good to decrease your frequent visits to a fast food place save money as well as your waist line.  By doing this you will save enough to make big purchases and get the perfect master bedroom sets that you are looking for right now!

Shopping on the internet has so many advantages, the most helpful being saving lots of money and getting to shop without leaving home!  Feel proud of yourself when you shop online for things you had been dreaming of getting all this while like purchasing the perfect master bedroom sets!  

Always remember to only shop from websites that do not charge you anything to ship your items to you when you are shopping online!  When you remember to follow these online shopping tips, you will surely be a happier person buying master bedroom sets with a good rate!  

For a small amount every month, membership clubs allow you access to hundreds of manufacturers sites where you pay lesser amounts.  Nothing can beat this option as you can now buy what you always wanted to buy, even items like wholesale furniture at the best of rates!

It is a good way to save money only when you shop regularly on the club sites, otherwise you are paying them a monthly fee for free.  Whatever you think about it, if you want to get great deals on master bedroom sets then the best way is to get online and search for it!  

You could choose items online, compare them for rates and then decide not to buy them and all this while you are not charged even a single penny!

January 13, 2011 on 10:05 am

Are you looking converting a simple bathroom into a waterfall in the middle of a rainforest utilizing simple fittings as hotel shower gearings?

If ever so you’re within the appropriate page since this particular article short as well as straight to the issue I hope this is likely to be of importance to yourself and also you will be happy you managed.

Decorating your restroom might seem somewhat challenging and a misuse of money.

Well if you have been considering so also, dispel that thought.

Besides beautification purposes, also physician do motivate people to use them as they’re a health practice.

So below I shall reveal to you a catalog on which you shall choose from.

The Real Pine Cone

This kind of is one other showy lodge shower trimmings that is light tan that is spotted by brownish spots also features a greener kind of adornment at the pinnacle.

It is created with one hundred percent polyester. The fact that it is made with polyester alone guarantees that it is truly hard-wearing because polyester withstand chemicals as well as shrinking.

 At only $29.99 at as well as  exactly where I think it’s cheapest you may claim it for yourself. That price does not consist of hooks and rods.

Another types of these accessories include Black bear, campfire wall border, wooden part fence which as well as numerous more you might find.

Getting Discount On the internet

 There are ways of getting discount on the web. Just one way can be to type the full name of the merchant that you have chosen to purchase from together with the word ‘discount’ into the research engine and get a code within the list of results.

After that check out page that shall be displayed. You must test different codes until you find one which functions since some of them aren’t recognized.

You could have accomplished yourself a number of of items in case you might sign up electronic mail notifications which notifies you when there are fresh codes and vouchers

I hope the information about lodge shower curtains I have discussed with you may be of important value and you shall continue going through records as of this website.

Find a lot more from these webpages

January 9, 2011 on 9:33 pm

When a house owner thinks of residence décor the interior of the home is usually what springs to mind. Home décor pertains to not just image frames, mirrors, window treatments and furniture, but pendant lighting fixtures as well.

The interior with the residence really should be nicely lighted so that you can create a good mood and ambiance in the home. We supply countless lighting fixtures of distinct light designs, supplies and sizes. With all of those alternatives you are able to receive an ideal style to complement the home’s décor. You are able to take a look at our home lighting fixtures list and decide up the preferred model.In the past 15 years as the big block residence enhancement centers have saturated the retail landscape. In response, you will find fewer and fewer independent lighting boutiques like ours. Now, the majority of residence owners only require drive a couple of minutes to their nearby hardware retailer. Unfortunately these behemoths have targeted on moving lights and lamps in volume and also have extremely limited range!

Often, top quality has long been sacrificed in favor of marketing large quantities of mass created lighting fixtures. Hardly ever will you be in a position to even order a excellent quality mild fixture from the large hardware retailers. The choice is always to visit a boutique which makes a specialty of lamps, lights and other fixtures.We emphasize our benefit towards big house enhancement retailers by focusing more on variety and array of kinds and materials. We rely on our distinctive diverse catalog. We also, hold several copies to allow customers to “checkout” the catalogs.

If you are unable to discover just the right fashion to enhance the rest of the home, customized produced orders are available. As anticipated, any customized created lighting will have a modest enhance in price and probably a deposit will probably be needed. It’s important to notice that it’s almost a universal coverage of most retailers that ought to the purchase be canceled or returned after the illumination fixture has long been crafted a restocking charge will be assessed to cover the bare minimum with the shops expense. At times the deposit will be non-refundable for that reason alone.


January 8, 2011 on 4:01 pm

If your bedroom is looking a bit tired and lifeless, it may be time for new bedding as this is something that will be able to rejuvenate a room and completely change your perception of the space. Needless to say, there are other things that can be used to help update and refresh a bedroom but not many will be as successful as something as simple as new designer bed linen and duvet covers.

Bedding sets come in all shapes, sizes and styles and regardless of whether you’re looking to freshen up a child’s bedroom or completely rejuvenate your master bedroom – you are sure to find bed linen that fits the bill by heading online. If you’re looking to purchase bedding sets or luxury bed linen for bargain prices, the chances are you will have the greatest opportunity for doing this by taking your search online – where the options are invariably much higher.

There are many ways of adding a touch of style and sophistication to the bedroom but luxury bedding will be an extremely affordable means of achieving this objective and by buying a few different forms of luxury bed linen, you can alter the look of the room as and when you please. Interior design is something that will differ from person to person and this certainly applies to the sorts of bed linen that a homeowner will favour – with some consumers preferring bold, striking bedding and others tending to opt for more earthy and neutral tones.

No matter how much you have got to spend on your bedding products, you will be able to find a variety of luxury bed linen that ticks all the right boxes from a style and comfort perspective. Ideally, you should speak to experts in the field of bedding and bed linen or look through the most up to date interior design magazines prior to committing to a purchase because this will help guarantee you achieve the bedroom design you want.

January 7, 2011 on 5:15 pm

Buying bedroom furniture can be a really rewarding experience,  but there are some factors to consider before making the commitment to such a large purchase. Things like your budget, the size of your bedroom, the style of your home, and what you like will all play a role in the decision among other factors as well.  So, let’s talk about how to incorporate these factors into your shopping process. Go ahead and take the time to ask yourself the following questions. If you do, you just may find that the whole shopping experience is made a little easier.

What Can You Spend?

Obviously you should think about how much money you can spend on the furniture.  It’s always a good idea to set a budget and stick to it. While you may want beautiful pieces to put in your home, you also don’t want to break the bank.  Knowing how much you can spend will automatically narrow some of your choices down.     

How Big is Your Bedroom?

What can you comfortably fit into that space? When deciding to purchase new bedroom furniture, it’s important to take into consideration measurements.  Measure your room and when shopping, measure the furniture. The best bedroom furniture will fit comfortably inside your room and still allow you to walk around without bumping into things.

What Do You Need?

It’s important to decide want furniture you need, not necessarily what you want.  While some furniture may be extremly stylish and chic, it may not be ideal for your budget or the space you have available.  So, do you need a place to store your clothes, or a place to sleep perhaps?  Start with the basics and go from there.

Who Will Use It?

When shopping for bedroom furniture it is also a wise decision to consider who will be using it.  If you’re getting new pieces for the kids’ rooms, you may want to spend a little less as they may grow out of it.  Inexpensive furniture may be better suited for small children, as they also have a tendency to damage items.

How Long Do You Want It?

If you are looking for bedroom furniture you will have for the rest of your life, definitely consider the better quality pieces out there.  Look for real hardwood, not veneers. These type of wood maybe more on the expensive side, but you can be guaranteed with good care they will last a generation.  Remember, you don’t have to buy all your furniture at once.  You can slowly build up your room.

What Do You Like?

Choosing bedroom furniture is also influenced by what you actually like.  You wouldn’t want to buy furniture that doesn’t appeal to you, would you?  So, don’t waste your time looking at styles, finishes, and sizes that you just don’t like.  You don’t need to be tied down to buying a complete set of furniture.  It all really comes down to personal preference.  If you want an eclectic mix of furniture to express your style, go for it.  Who says you can’t mix classic and modern?

They’re quite a few top of the range furniture stores that display high quality bedroom furniture that will match all your needs and also at a reasonable price.

January 6, 2011 on 11:32 am

If you are looking to transform a plain house into a beautiful home then you need to think about adding a collection of home accessories to each room. Adding home accessories is an inexpensive way to decorate and can help you create a cohesive theme or colour palette in your space. To achieve the desired look there are a few simple things to bear in mind.A great trick to remember with accessories is that quite often “more is less”. Too many and you will just create a mess.You can create a real designer look or a minimal budget with a simple collection on accessories.

As the living room is used daily by all family members the first rule when buying accessories is to compromise.Consider the variety of tastes expressed by the people who will use the room. It is common that men and women have quite different tastes!Does your living room need to be decorated before you choose your accessories? A splash of new paint or a feature wall of wallpaper really can set the tone for the room.If you are struggling to decide which furniture and colour scheme to go with why not let the female choose the furniture and the male choose the color scheme? By mixing up tastes and colors you will get a really special and unique looking living room.It’s very important to find balance between the masculine and feminine in your living room because even if you live alone you’ll still have visitors of both genders.

Remember that space matters. Do not overpower the room with too much furniture or too many accessories.If you have too many items in a space people may actually pay less attention to it.By choosing just a few, key pieces of furniture and a handful of accessories you are more likely to create a real sense of space.If you display your accessories correctly even the smallest items can make a big impact.

The paint colour used on your walls has a huge impact on the overall feeling of the room.Be daring when using paint and choose colors that are likely to make an impact. It is a lovely way of bringing your neutral furniture or floor coverings to life.

Living room home décor and accessories can change the way that your room both feels, functions, and looks.Just put a little thought into your living room and invest in accessories that fit in with your colour scheme and you really will create a welcoming and spacious environment.

January 1, 2011 on 10:52 am

 It is possible to bring the refreshing aura of the garden into your room with some stunning floral duvet covers.

It is one theme that gives you one of the widest alternatives when it comes to option with regards to bedding linen as well as accessories.

 Whatever your best or preferred flower is, there’s a cover that you’ll find having its pattern. So you can go through the collection that’s here and pick out something that you love.

A single collection of spectacular flowered duvet covers that you can look for is the Lauren Ralph Lauren Bedding, Shelter Island Collection.

This is a beautiful cover that has a processed floral design that will transform your room into a paradise of elegance.

If you want something which brings together elegance and style and also reflects charm and style all at once then this kind of cover is going to do it for you. It is possible to pick it up from

It features fragile pleat details, fine embroidery as well as lace highlights which make this one of the most attractive and appealing floral duvet covers that you will find.

You’ll definitely adore this selection since it features a bed comforter, bed skirt, euro sham along with other add-ons which will give your room the perfect appearance.

The products are however offered separately and do not appear like a collection. So you can pick and choose the products you need to obtain together with you cover

The duvet cover comes in the Twin, King, Full and Queen Sizes. Therefore whatever the size of your bed you can find a cover for it right here.

This isn’t the sole floral motif cover that you will get here as well.

 You should check out the rest of the floral duvet covers that are here and also choose your preferred cover. You may also look at the stunning collection that’s at

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